Hot Tub Rules


To ensure the safe and enjoyable use of the hot tub we request that you read and adhere to the rules set out in this document. For your safety we must comply with HSE regulations and maintain the hot tub to a minimum standard. As part of compliance, we must ensure that we have informed you of the hot tub rules and safety advice.

The hot tub is not a swimming pool or an industrial hot tub as found in spas and hotels. It is a domestic hot tub for general use i.e., light use for relaxation, no more than five occupants at one time and for a maximum of 15 minutes per person. Any more than and the water will simply not be able to handle how the misuse and bacteria will form in the water.

To comply with HSE regulations the hot tub undergoes regular checks and maintenance throughout your stay. These checks will take place before 8am and in the evening time. Dependant on length of time needed to carry out the maintenance/ clean cycle, although rare, it may be that the hot tub won’t reach full temperature until the day after your arrival. The hot tub will be shut down before 8am on changeover day to allow enough time to carry out the full maintenance checks and clean cycle prior to the next guests’ arrival later that same day.

The use of the hot tub by any member of the rental group is entirely at their own risk.

Overuse or abuse will also cause the tub water to turn cloudy and will render the tub unusable. The owners take no responsibility for skin conditions that may arise from the spa when the water is cloudy or smelling unpleasant. If this occurs the owners are to be notified immediately as the tub will have to be drained, cleaned and refilled, which will deny the use of the tub for at least 72 hours. Any abuse of the tub will be charged £150.

Please shower before using the hot tub, this washes away many of the common skin bacteria. Removes make up sunscreen, deodorant, insect repellent or any oil-based products. Failure to do this reduces the effectiveness of the spa sanitizer to disinfect the water.

Only clean swimwear may be worn in the hot tub. All swimwear should be rinsed through with clean water or through a rinse-cycle of a washing machine with no washing powder. This only needs to be done once before your first use of the hot tub. This is to help reduce detergents in the hot tub which creates a thick foam on the surface that isn’t pleasant to sit in a difficult to remove.

Do not use the hot tub if you are wearing fake tan, this is guaranteed to ruin the water and the filtration system! Do not use any detergents, soaps alcohol or oils of any kind in the tub, these will upset the chemical balance of the water and can result in allergic reactions.

People with skin, ear, genital or other body infections, open cuts or external infections must not enter the tub because of the possibility of spreading infection. If an allergic reaction occurs leave the hot tub and rinse off in the shower, if the reaction persists, contact your GP.

Do not use the tub if you have a medical condition without discussing it with your doctors first. Do not use the tub if you are taking any medication that makes you drowsy or affects your circulation. The use of alcohol, drugs and certain medication before or during the tub use may cause sleepiness, dizziness and unconsciousness and danger of drowning.

Pregnant women and the elderly should also consult their doctor before using the tub.

The hot tub is to be used responsibly and is not to be used as a substitute wading pool by children. Parents are advised that the hot tub is not suitable for children under the age of five and older children must be supervised at all times. Allowing children to jump or dive into the water is not permitted under any circumstances. Parents are to warn children not to allow water in their mouths as this may cause infections and illness.

It is recommended that you do not enter the tub on your own. If you choose to ignore this advise and elect to use the tub on your own, make sure a responsible person inside the property is aware that you are in the tub and how long you intend to be there.

Avoid using the hot tub immediately after a meal or immediately after exercising.

Do not immerse your head in the hot tub, this increases the risk of infection and can heighten the dangers of drowning due to suction below the water line.

Be aware of the amount of time you have been in the hot tub. Soaking in the water can raise your body temperature to dangerous levels. 15 minutes at a time is considered safe. If you want to use the tub for a longer period, take a break. Soaking in warm water can dehydrate you which could lead to dizziness, nausea or fainting. Take breaks from the hot tub and drink plenty of water before getting back in.

Restrict your time in the hot tub to a maximum of 15 minutes.

The maximum number of people to use the hot tub at any one time is five (5).

Please use plastic glasses if taking drinks near the spa. Do not take bottles near the spa. If glassware is broken this will result in the hot tub having to be drained, cleaned and refilled and £150 will be charged.

No smoking is permitted in or around the hot tub.

Never use electrical devices near the tub.

The hot tub must not be used after 10pm as this may cause nuisance to neighbours.

When not in use make sure the cover is on properly and securely fastened.

Take care when entering and leaving the hot tub. When leaving the hot tub your leg muscles may be relaxed enough to make you unsteady.

If a fault or damage occurs to the hot tub please contact us immediately. Please don’t turn the hot tub off at the power source, the tub requires 24/7 power to carry out its continuous cleaning cycles and protect from frost.

It is your responsibility to enforce the rules of the safety within the Mid Wales Holiday Lets Hot Tub.