Places to stay in Rhayader

Are you searching for places to stay in Rhayader?

Looking for a charming and comfortable holiday home in Rhayader, Mid Wales? Our holiday lets offer the perfect base for exploring the stunning Welsh countryside and all the attractions Rhayader has to offer.

Our properties are lovingly maintained and offer all the amenities you need to feel at home during your stay. Whether you’re looking for a cozy apartment similar to a cottage or a spacious family home, we have a range of properties to suit your needs.

Located in the heart of Rhayader, our holiday lets are just a short walk from local shops, restaurants, and attractions. Explore the historic town, take a stroll along the river, or hike in the nearby hills and Elan Valley, a true gem of the region and a must-visit destination for nature lovers. Just a short drive from our Rhayader holiday lets, the Elan Valley offers breathtaking views, stunning reservoirs, and miles of scenic walking and cycling trails.

The Elan Valley is home to several large dams, including the iconic Elan Valley Dam, which offers spectacular views over the valley below. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the water’s edge or take a guided tour to learn more about the fascinating history of the dams and their construction.

The valley is also home to a wide range of wildlife, including red kites, otters, and rare black grouse. Bird watchers and nature enthusiasts will love exploring the many trails and spotting the local flora and fauna.

In the autumn, the Elan Valley is particularly beautiful as the leaves change color and the hills are ablaze with vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or an adventure-filled holiday, the Elan Valley is a must-see destination in Mid Wales. Book your stay at our Rhayader holiday lets today and experience all that this stunning region has to offer.

At our Mid Wales holiday lets, you’ll enjoy a peaceful and relaxing stay with all the comforts of home. Book your stay today and discover the beauty of Rhayader and the surrounding area.

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