Rhayader Hotels

Mid Wales Holiday Lets offer what a Hotel in Rhayader can offer and a little bit more. Instead of settling for a Bed and Breakfast in Rhayader or a Hotel in Rhayader, why not have a whole apartment for the same price?

We offer Bed and Breakfast packages in Mid Wales and our apartments in Rhayader are ideally located to cater for even more if you are looking for contractor accommodation and half board packages.

With apartments that can sleep up to 15, and work out a lot cheaper than a room in a hotel in Rhayader, plus you have the comfort of your own space, 4k TV and disabled friendly accommodation if required, why would you chose anything other than a Mid Wales Holiday Let apartment?

Why settle for a hotel in Rhayader or a standard B&B in Mid Wales when you can have it all at Mid Wales Holiday Lets, as well as a cheaper rate per person subject to occupancy and a lot more space and comfort.

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